Why are you giving your money away?

Let the money you save pay for you new lights.

Contact us and our professionals will cater a program to your specific needs and in many cases produce a positive cashflow day one.


  • Q. How can I afford to buy the lights up front? +

    A. You literally can’t afford not to. Its not if you want to spend the money on the lights, its if you want to continue to pay twice as much to run your current lights.
  • Q. Who handles installation? +

    A. If you have an existing relationship with an electrician, we are more than happy to work with them on the installation project. If you need assistance with installation, we have our own network of trusted installers that we can setup to see the project through completion.
  • Q. What about the rebates? Who handles that? +

    A. Rebates are all generated by the local power provider. Out team of experts are familiar with rebate programs across the country and will work directly with you, the customer, to ensure you are receiving any and all rebates available to you.
  • Q. Why should I buy from YellowBlue LED and not just go to the big box store with the BIG SALE? +

    A. Because we only sell our own high quality product line that meets our exacting standards. LED technology is very different from product to product. Inside each bulb is a circuit board and a micro chip. Quality lamps with good components can last upwards of 20 years. Cheap lamps can be dead within a year.
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